Hello again!

Are you enjoying the gorgeous summer weather? Yes we know, bush, beach and berg beckon, and you’d just like to don those flip flops and sunscreen, and park off. We hear you, and are looking forward to the same.

Just a gentle reminder though: registrations for the 2019 academic year are now open, and Abacus Maths is ready to serve and help you like never before.

Fresh back from our awesome trip to Japan, where we learnt about enhancing our abacus skills, we are willing and able, and we are roaring to go for 2019.

A quick reminder of fees for the new year. In light of the tough economy, you’ll be happy to know that we are only implementing a R200 price increase for 2019. So, fees are only R 16.67 more monthly, as follows: R4,400 per year, as a once-off payment, or R440 per month for 10 months. Whichever option better suits you, we are very happy to oblige.

You will be happy to know that there is an early bird special: if you re-register before 7 December you will save R 50 and only pay R 100 for registration (this money is used for reports, special worksheets and certificates).

By the way, your total fee, which will cost you less than your week at the coast, includes a year of top-quality education with highly trained and skilled teachers, all adept at using the abacus. As the summer holidays bear down upon us, we know the only thing more important to you than being with your child, is ensuring that s/he becomes a genius.

In that respect, we’ve got you covered: we have no doubt that you are as thrilled with your child’s progress this year as we have been. And if you are new, and someone forwarded you this information, welcome! You’ve hit genius paydirt: this is the best, most cost-effective place to unlock your child’s hidden potential in the brains department.

So in a nutshell, here are the 5 biggest benefits of your R4,400 investment (which works out to a mere R 880 per benefit – less than a good meal out:

  1. Your child will safely be able to spend time in a secure environment with a very capable group of teachers.

  2. S/he will pick up valuable emotional intelligence (EQ) while interacting with like-minded kids who are also intent on becoming boffins.

  3. In an increasingly global world, you know that your kid is acquiring international skills that come from some of the most advanced countries on the planet.

  4. Thanks to our annual international competition (where our kids always fare very well), there is also the opportunity to meet and associate with people from those countries.

  5. On top of all of this, and the primary reason why you are here: your child become a maths wunderkind and goes on to conquer the world.

Now for a little admin: if you have lost your Parent Zone username or password, you can request a new one. If there are any problems please email admin@abacusmaths.co.za or call Ilse on 083 655 1888.

Finally, have you seen our beautiful new website? We love it! Please visit www.abacusmaths.co.za and have a gawk!

Till next time,

The Abacus Maths Team