Benefits of abacus

You need only speak to our students, their parents, and our teachers all over South Africa, to know that this is a system that yields results. We are very serious in our mission of making your child count.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of working with the abacus, and of using our programme:

  • We create a solid foundation for learning the four pillars of Maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • More than this, working with the abacus leads to the development of the whole brain, with both right (creative) and left (logical) hemispheres benefitting.
  • Children particularly between 3 and 13 will learn the beautiful language of Maths.
  • The method we teach not only creates a strong foundation for numbers, but students also imbibe a culture of enhanced concentration, logical thinking, improved comprehension, listening skills and sound reasoning, together with people skills, teamwork skills and emotional intelligence.
  • All of this naturally leads to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Problem-solving abilities are augmented.
  • Photographic memory develops as the brain learns to use the triggers and levers correctly.
  • Maths becomes fun and enjoyable.