Can the abacus solve South Africa’s matric Maths problem?

Can the abacus solve South Africa’s matric Maths problem? Before you start reading, here are a few important dates to share with you! 21-24 March = Senior Bootcamp – registrations are open. 4 April = AMSASA National Competition – registrations are open. 31 July = AIAMA International Competition in Taiwan – details to follow Please […]

Land of the Rising Sun

Land of the Rising Sun Mpumalanga, our easternmost province, means “the place where the sun rises.” So we think it’s extra cool that Japan is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, given its location in the east. It’s a beautiful connection between our east and the Far East, including Japan. Usually every […]

What do Einstein, Malcom Gladwell and the abacus have in common?

Everyone’s favourite genius, Albert Einstein, said many things that are just as profound at E = MC2. There are a whole bunch of memes that have done the rounds in this instance. Some of them are fun jokes that make use of Einstein’s picture and relate to some of his concepts and ideas, and some […]

10 delicious benefits of using the abacus

Just in case you were wondering how the abacus serves you – or could serve you, if you haven’t signed up with us yet ☺ – read on: It doesn’t improve Maths WHAT!?! Did I read that right? Yes, but let us qualify. Of course we don’t agree with that assessment at all. Through our […]

It’s a fact – the abacus is a salad

We’ve all seen those memes floating around on social media proclaiming that because chocolate is made from cocoa beans, it’s actually a salad. We love chocolate, so we tend to agree! LOL. In that quirky vein, we have been doing some more homework on the huge benefits of using the abacus, and we have come […]

Can you add 16-19 March + 13 April +29 September? Use your abacus! ☺

Hello to all our budding genii! We wanted to share 3 important dates with you: Date #1: Senior Bootcamp, 16-19 March f you’re quick off the mark, then YOU get to be at the Senior Bootcamp. There is space for only 20 girls plus 20 boys plus 20 instructors… Details: What: Senior Abacus Bootcamp – […]

Jan 2019 Newsletter one.

How do you calculate 2019 on an abacus? Dear Abacus Maths Peeps Happy ’19! We hope that your festive season break was fun and rewarding, and that you enjoyed your fill of gammon, turkey and Christmas puddin’. Alas, all good things must come to an end (well, not really), and most schools will be re-starting […]

Soroban & Sushi Greetings!

Hi everyone Wow, the past 8 weeks have been a real wild ride, what with the highly successful international GAJSMA championships hosted by AMSASA, and then of course our amazing trip to Japan. Then, let’s tell you all about Japan. This is a country that seriously needs to be on your bucket list. It is […]