How do you calculate 2019 on an abacus?

Dear Abacus Maths Peeps

Happy ’19! We hope that your festive season break was fun and rewarding, and that you enjoyed your fill of gammon, turkey and Christmas puddin’.

Alas, all good things must come to an end (well, not really), and most schools will be re-starting this week. It’s time to sharpen those pencils, polish the school shoes and dust off your abacus.

Yup, so the new year with its dreams and goals is here. Of course, Abacus Maths is here to help you with that – and on that note, here are some important details to share with you about registrations for this year, just in case you missed them in our last newsletter:

  • Fees for new and/or returning students will be R4,400 for the year

  • Once-off discounted payment by 7 February = R4,200 (R200 off)

  • Two payments = R2,200 by 7 February and R2,200 by 7 July

  • Three payments = R1,466, payable at the beginning of each school term

  • Four payments = R1,100 payable at the start of each school quarter

  • Ten payments = R440 payable at the beginning of each month, from February to November

  • New clients also need to buy an Abacus Maths Kit for R500 (R350 for 3-year-olds)

  • Existing clients need to pay an additional R150 admin fee

You can see, by our calculations above, that our Maths is top notch thanks to our use of the abacus!

So, what does all this delicious lolly that you have to give out, buy you? Here we go:

  • One year of top-quality international education to ensure that your child is globally competitive.

  • A safe and secure learning environment (so you can sneak away and go have that pedicure before next Christmas ).

  • The tools with which to turn your child into a one-man (or woman) lean mean learning machine, who will ace this school year.

  • A network of like-minded individuals who share your love of learning, growth and constant improvement.

  • Access to a body of students from all over the world, who compete annually in our soroban competitions.

As the year kicks off, we have decided, this time, to leave you with a quote from Oprah, to inspire you for the year ahead:

At Abacus Maths, OUR calling is to help your child unlock genius, so that they can become the absolute best at whatever it is that THEY have been called to do. In the process, as they feed their fertile minds, they also grow their Maths skills.

Have a blessed and exciting 2019, and may all your dreams come true.


The Abacus Maths Team