My name is Zee-Jay Ngwenya and I am a former Abacus Math student. The start to this amazing journey was in 2010, when I was six years old. I still remember my first brain-gym session in the church hall, as teacher Sharné showed us how follow our thumbs with just our eyes as we made a “lazy eight”. Waking up at 7 am on a Saturday morning was not the most enjoyable at first, but I soon came to appreciate my little Abacus family.

I like to think of my Abacus journey as two parts: pre-Abacus Camp and post-Abacus Camp. My bitter attitude towards the work changed in 2015 when I went on my first Abacus Math Camp. The idea behind it sounded crazy, my thoughts being am I really going to do math for three consecutive days, but it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Ironically, my expectations deceived me. Apart from being driven to upgrade my skills, there were also fun and games and friendships formed that I still hold on to today. But I think my highlight was that I had upgraded to Level 6 in just 3 days. For an Abacus student, this is a great achievement seeing that it had taken me about a year prior to the camp to master one level. Walking away from that camp definitely showed me that I could achieve what I desired if I really worked hard for it.

And so my love for the extra mural began and I looked forward to going to classes weekly. As I grew in the skill, Abacus Math offered me a sponsorship to go to Thailand and partake in the International GASJMA Competition. This was yet another memorable experience in my life. If I’m being honest I was more excited about the flight than my actual time in Thailand, because it was my first time flying internationally. Abacus also allowed me to have my first appearance on television in an advertisement on KykNet. Despite all these ‘perks’ that I got to experience, Abacus has helped me tremendously in my academics.
When partaking in competitions specifically, we are taught to answer with speed as well as accuracy. Additional to this, we are also encouraged to write our answers in a neat and legible manner. This skill really served as an advantage to me when it comes to finishing tests. In high school, particularly from grade 10 and onwards, it becomes challenging to complete tests and exams under the limited time constraints. Up until recently during my matric year, I have realized that Abacus has taught me how to approach questions in a proactive and efficient way. I am able to process how to solve problems as I read the question, and write my answers in a quick yet logical manner all thanks to Abacus Math.

I am truly grateful that I got to be a part of the Abacus Math franchise over these past ten years. One of my passions is actually Mathematics and helping others understand the subject, and there is no doubt that Abacus Math played a role in initiating that spark. I will forever be thankful for the endless amount of time and energy that was put into ensuring my growth as a student.

Zee-Jay Ngwenya


This letter serves to confirm that Abacus Maths is presented at Maragon Pre-school. We have found the company to be very well organised and accommodating around school activities. The presenters are professional and their conduct towards the children is always that of a very caring nature.

The program enhances the numeracy learning taking place in the classrooms and supports the fundamentals of numerical concepts.

I can recommend Abacus Maths to any school.

Mrs E Minnaar

Principal, Maragon Pre-School

Letter of Recommendation – Abacus Maths
This letter serves to confirm that Abacus Maths is presented in the afternoons as an extra mural activity to the primary school learners of Curro Krugersdorp.

With the help of a team of professional and well organised presenters the Abacus Maths programme assists our learners to enhance their ability to solve mathematical problems in a fun and interactive way. By utilising colourful text books as one of their teaching tools they develop a love for maths from an early age in life.

Even though Curro’s approach to mathematics is slightly different we do see the value for Abacus Maths in the school. We can recommend Abacus Maths to any school, organisation or parent.

Mrs A Lombard

Executive Head

Wanneer ons gewone Wiskunde aktiweite in die Gr R klas doen, neem die Abakus kinders definitief die leiding in my klas. Hulle is baie opgewonde oor die klasse en sien uit na hulle Abakusklas vir die week. Hulle vra elke dag of hulle gaan Abakus doen.
Juf René Linde

Graadhoof Gr R en RR 2013

My son, Tyler Buffel, started Abacus in grade 1 at Victory House Private School. When he was selected to participate in the National competition that year, my husband and I made a decision to decline the invitation; maybe due to our own fears as parents that maybe he was too young.

He entered the following year. We received great support and comfort from Sharné. Tyler was awarded the Champion of Champions trophy that year! The results and impact of this achievement was prevalent in him gaining confidence in his maths ability. In 2010, he achieved a gold medal and although he was disappointed that he did not win the Champion trophy, the skills gained ensured that his maths achievements at school were still of a high standard. My daughter, Jordan Buffel, joined the same year, as she was in grade 0 at Victory House Private School. She unfortunately did not enjoy it, as it stole her playing time at After- care and it was a very long day with the adjustment from pre-school to “big” school.
I discussed my concerns with Sharné and she advised that both kids rather attend the Saturday classes, when they are fresh. I noticed a remarkable change in both kids’ attitudes towards Abacus , as they enjoyed getting up early on a Saturday morning to attend. The kids continued attending the Saturday classes and participated in the ABACUS Maths competition in 2011.

Once again Sharné and Quinnette provided both the kids and I with wonderful support prior to and on the day of the competition. Tyler achieved the Top Achiever Award, while Jordan received a silver medal.
In addition I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the following observation by myself. I was very impressed with the calm atmosphere at the competition and the excitement in the children’s faces when they wrote the assessments. The new ABACUS t-shirts and display of the new brand at this event was very professional. More important was the personal touch that was given to each child and parent on the day. Definitely something very different when compared to my experience at school when we as kids wrote a Maths examination.

In conclusion, the kids continued with ABACUS Maths in 2012 and are loving maths, a subject which is feared or disliked by most kids their age. I am so glad that I can afford my kids the opportunity to obtain these skills. The only problem is that I now have to up my game with maths, in order to retain the kids confidence in my knowledge.

Thank you Sharne’ and Quinette for an excellent programme and an environment conducive to learning and development.

Mary-Ann Buffel

Abacus Parent

I am the foundation phase educator at Smiley Kids Florida and I have known Sharné and most of her team for many years. They are very committed and loyal to the service they offer, making sure their groups stay small, giving individual attention thus helping each child to reach their full potential.

I have seen that the interface between our Grade R curriculum and the Abacus Maths results in producing fully rounded children. This all results in the positive feedback we regularly receive from our local primary schools.

I would strongly recommend the Abacus Maths programme to anyone wishing to improve the level of numeracy in their children.

Yours sincerely,

Dollie Lourens

Principal, Smiley Kids Florida

Growing up maths was always a challenge. When my daughter started doing Abacus Maths I realised that with the correct foundation and method of teaching, math becomes simple and fun. How I wish I myself could have done Abacus Maths when I was at school.
Selwyn Klassen

Abacus Parent

Our son (6 years old) really loves Abacus Maths and has developed an even greater love of numbers and counting since beginning the Abacus classes. His Abacus teacher (Sharne) is full of encouragement and praise for his efforts and takes a personal interest in him. Abacus Maths appears to be a great investment in our son’s development.

Abacus Parent

The ability to solve mathematical problems develops children’s confidence in their ability to solve any problem which they may encounter in life. Not being able to master maths negatively influences children’s perception of their ability to gain mastery over life’s challenges.

The kind, loving way in which my daughter has been guided to solve mathematical problems at Abacus Maths has built her self confidence tremendously. Not only is she learning to love maths, but also that she possesses the innate ability to overcome life’s many challenges.

Dr Lize Wolfaardt

Psychologist and mother to Moya

As a Gr R Teacher for over 12 years now, I have seen many extra-mural activities, academic as well as physical. But none have come close to the Abacus Maths programme by Sharné and Quinnette. This Maths programme does not only stimulate the minds of my learners but also helps with their perceptual and fine motor development with the interesting and fun exercises they do before they start the actual programme.

Abacus Maths makes my job easier as all my learners that attend the maths program score very high marks during their assessments. The kids are very excited to attend Abacus Maths. I believe during this tough educational phase we are going through, when you find a programme that works in more ways than one you must grab the opportunity – I have.

I encourage my parents to enrol their children to Abacus Maths. If you want to give your child a head start and a love for Mathematics enrol now. I have given my own child the head start and she is excelling now in Gr 1. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Well done Abacus Maths and keep on giving the best quality service.

Allmary Jacobs

Grade R Teacher, Horizon View Primary

It really is amazing how much Abacus Maths has done for my daughter Leané, aged 8. She has been doing it since gr. 1.

We use Maths every day & giving her a “head” start in life is an absolute must. What I like most about Abacus Math is that you’re having fun whilst learning.

I know Abacus Maths definitely pays off, not only is there visible evidence in my daughter’s reports, but in her everyday life as well.
It’s incredible to watch my daughter develop & achieve especially in Maths as I wasn’t really good at it, but with Abacus Maths she completely excels.

I thank you, the Abacus Maths team for giving our children such a huge advantage in life and treating our children as your own & putting them first. Abacus Maths is truly the best!

Eurika Victor

Abacus Parent

Ek wil net graag van hierdie geleentheid gebruik maak, om baie baie dankie te se vir wat julle vir Deidré doen en beteken.  Sedert sy by Abakus begin het, is haar begrip vir somme maak – optel, aftrek en vermenigvuldiging- verstommend!  Ek is so dankbaar vir die werk wat julle doen. 

Ek glo dat die grondslag wat julle vir haar gee, haar baie gaan help met haar wiskunde in die toekoms.  Ek het self verlede jaar uitgehelp met die kompetisie wat julle geloods het, en was verstom! Die kinders het somme gemaak – optel, aftrek, maal en deel – waarvoor ek beslis ‘n sakrekenaar sou moes nader trek!  Ek kan nie wag dat Deidré ook tot op daardie vlak vorder nie!  

My oudste dogter, tans 18 jaar oud en in matriek, het by verskeie geleenthede al vir my gesê hoekom het ons haar nie ook destyds Abakus laat doen nie, dan sou sy nie nou so gesukkel het met wiskunde nie.  

Weereens, baie baie dankie!   Ons waardeer dit opreg!

Lorraine van der Merwe

Abakus Ouer

A few years ago, I attended a meeting at my children’s nursery school and was amazed at the abilities of some young children who had been trained using the abacus maths system. The children could do mental arithmetic faster than I could find the calculator function on my cellphone! I enrolled my eldest child when she was 5 years old and have been amazed at the skills she has developed over the past 2 years.

I found the Abacus Maths system so interesting, that (despite achieving an A in mathematics in Grade 12) I decided to learn with my daughter as I believe that training and exercising the brain is valuable at any age. Both my daughters love their books – which are illustrated in full colour throughout with gender specific images suitable for their age group. Princesses, fairies and unicorns are popular. With the eldest, every time she moves to a higher level, she is very excited and shows anybody and everybody her new books.

I know my children will have an (unfair) advantage over many of their peers because of the programme – if it was possible to roll it out to every other child I would welcome it – but I simply could not allow my children to be left behind.

Ehllené Bekker

Abacus Parent

Jonathan Willemse, aged 6, started Abacus Maths in 2011 while at Turtle Den 1, Nursery school in Witpoortjie. He has really grown to love doing maths as it stimulates his thinking and he is challenged by new tasks. His biggest accomplishment in a short space of time was in November 2011, when he was awarded Top Achiever in his age group. Jonathan’s love for Abacus comes from the guidance and teaching of the Abacus teachers who teach with LOVE.

The books they utilize are comprehensive teaching tools, which compliment their teaching methods. It’s so contagious that his sister, Andrea (3), adds or takes away numbers as he does homework on a weekly basis. As parents we can only be proud of his achievements to date.

Jacqui Willemse

Abacus Parent

Ek wil net graag sê hoe gelukkig ek is met Jean Claude Roux se vordering by die abakus klasse. Hy het slegs 4 maande klas geneem, toe neem hy deel aan die kompetisie en verower ‘n goue medalje. Dit is besonder goed. As ons wiskunde huiswerk doen, sê hy sommer gou gou vir my ek moet hom asb nie help nie want, “hy weet wat om te doen”.

Ek is so trots op hom, en voel dat dit die heel beste ding is wat ek vir hom kon doen. Ek weet nie hoe julle dit doen nie, maar dit is ‘n wenresep, die boeke is van die hoogste kwaliteit met kleur prentjies en aktiwiteite.

Ek is so dankbaar vir wat julle hom leer, en boonop geniet hy dit gate uit en sy selfvertroue is sommer geboost met die feit dat hy so gereeld nuwe boeke kry om te voltooi. Hy voel defnitief dat hy presteer. Dankie dames.

Luitha M. Roux

Abakus Ouer

We have two kids who attend Abacus Maths classes. I’m very impressed. My kids have no problems. They are doing extremely well at school maths. You guys are doing a super great job. Thanks.

Joyce Kobue

Abacus Parent

Ané (5) het Abakus begin in Maart van haar graad R jaar. Sy het vinnig ingehaal en geniet die klasse vreeslik. Sy is tog te trots as sy huiswerk moet doen. Haar getal begrip het verstewig en haar wiskundige vaardighede verbeter elke week. Ek sal Abakus vir enige kind aanbeveel. Dit lê ‘n goeie grondslag vir die toekoms van die kind se akademiese prestasie.

Sherma Malan

Abacus Ouer

Een van die beste besluite wat ons nog gemaak het was om vir Divan in te skryf by Abacus Maths. Hy is nou omtrent so ‘n jaar besig en die vordering is ongelooflik! Almal het ons gewaarsku dat graad 1 nie grappies is nie en dat die kinders hard gaan werk om by te bly. Dit was ook so, maar moet sê dat Divan baie goed vorder in die vakke waar wiskunde veral ‘n rol speel. Dit alles danksy die tegnieke wat hy by Abacus Maths leer.

Hy het laasjaar met die tydtoetse net-net betyds klaar gemaak en deesdae doen hy die toetse sommer in die helfte van die tyd! Hy het laas jaar vir die eerste keer aan die Abakus kompetisie deelgeneem en het uitstekend gevaar! Sy konsentrasie en redenasie vermoë het ook baie verbeter. Die boekies is op n baie hoë standaard en Divan geniet dit veral om die soduko blokkies in te vul. Ek sal hierdie program beslis aanbeveel.

Haar ontwikkeling in vergelyking met kinders van dieselfde ouderdom is ongelooflik veral is mens in ag neem dat sy die Kearns Sayres sindroom het wat haar energie vlakke geweldig beïnvloed. Jaarliks word daar ‘n eksamen geskryf wat uit 2 vraestelle bestaan, een met die abakus en een daarsonder. Sy was verlede jaar aangewys as ‘n kampioen (een van 4 graad 1’s). Ek sal beslis Abakus hoogs aanbeveel vir alle mense, groot en klein.


Abakus Ouer

Chrislyn has participated in Abacus Maths for about 4 years now. The benefits I see as a parent is far beyond what I could have hoped for. I was never hoping for my child to become a maths genius but may get close now. I was looking for a way to assist her and help the learning ability throughout the school curriculum requirements. Because as parents, these days, we don’t get to spend as much time as, perhaps, our parents did and my concern was that my child could be struggling more than average and I’d never know or know how to help. I was looking to build up her confidence and the way she would learn in such a way that learning could be easy. Abacus has given her this simple, easy way to learn. As much as I can see this extends in all subjects now.

I have to say that my expectations have been surpassed. Not only is Chrislyn doing extremely well with school Maths but all other subject as well. I believe that learning this way has helped her ability to concentrate, focus and decipher what she is learning better. She may have been able to learn this way anyway but I’ll never know because I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Lorna Cohen

Abacus Parent, Victory House Private School

Ek, Lize du Plooy, sal nooit spyt wees oor die dag toe ek besluit het om my dogtertjie (op daardie stadium in graad 0), vir Abakus te registreer nie. Oorspronklik het ek gedink dit was slegs ‘n wiskundige ontwikkelings program maar het vinnig besef dat dit in werklikheid ‘n brein ontwikkelings program is wat wiskunde as basis gebruik. My dogtertjie is huidiglik in graad 2 en doen reeds maal- en- deel somme gelykstaande aan ‘n graad 5 vlak. Bv 728 x 9 en dit sonder die gebruik van die abakus. Sy geniet dit baie en sy het my behoorlik aangesteek om dit saam met haar te doen.

Haar ontwikkeling in vergelyking met kinders van dieselfde ouderdom is ongelooflik veral is mens in ag neem dat sy die Kearns Sayres sindroom het wat haar energie vlakke geweldig beïnvloed. Jaarliks word daar ‘n eksamen geskryf wat uit 2 vraestelle bestaan, een met die abakus en een daarsonder. Sy was verlede jaar aangewys as ‘n kampioen (een van 4 graad 1’s). Ek sal beslis Abakus hoogs aanbeveel vir alle mense, groot en klein.

Lize du Plooy

Abakus Ouer

I want to say Thank You for this wonderful math program!!! My son has been doing Abacus Maths for the past 4 years and loves it. I must say I have never seen anyone get an answer to a Maths question so quickly as he does. It is amazing!!!

His attention span and concentration level has improved. Abacus has boosted his confidence. It is an excellent program, and I would highly recommend this program to others. Thanks to Abacus Maths, he is finding maths exciting and fun!!!

Chantelle Pretorius

Abacus Parent

I was first introduced to Abacus Maths when my daughter was in Grade 1. I attended a school meeting at the end of that year, where a five year old girl was given “extremely difficult maths problems” to solve. She did it with ease and in no time. She had no calculator and there was just no way she could have memorised the answers. I thought it was brilliant. I was convinced I had to enrol my daughter for the Abacus Maths program.

Lesley has fallen in love with maths and there has been a tremendous improvement in her marks at school. Not only does she love it, she looks forward to attending her class on Tuesdays. What makes this program even more special is that the teachers / educators have years of experience. They are patient and the kids have fun whilst learning. Abacus Maths has changed both our lives. Lesley has become so independent and I don’t fight about homework and poor marks anymore. 🙂

Thanks Sharné and Quinnette!!!

Estelle Wood

Abacus Parent

Where do I even begin, there is so much to say about the incredible benefits of Abacus Maths. Arno started at the age of 4. We saw the poster up at school and thought it looks interesting and enrolled him, not really knowing what it’s about. Diligently doing the homework with him that he got weekly and getting to know the rainbow abacus and what is all about. His instructor at the time Althea Mafulu, who now owns her own franchise, noticed that he grasped the principles very quickly, moved him on to the next learning level.

What a huge surprise when we got to the first Regional Competition – Didn’t know Abacus Maths was such a huge thing and not to mention all the clever children. Here we found out about International and National Competitions, however never gave a thought to the fact that our Arno will one day also compete. So he did – in 2017 he was part of the team that went to Thailand, he came home with a 2nd Place and very proud family and friends. Abacus Maths has helped our little man to grow so much over the last few years, he just turned 8 and his academic ability is far beyond that of his peers (yes, yes, every mother’s child is the most cleverest ever).

He does not let a change go by to show off his talent to anyone willing to watch. Show me 8 year old child in grade 2 can do multiplication sums up the 18 times table without any effort. He is now on Level 7 and I can even try to do these sums. We are also reaping the benefits from Abacus Maths with his schoolwork. Due to it helping so much with memory, brain development and learning styles he cuts through his schoolwork like a warm knife through butter. In grade 1 he actually took Abacus work to school to do when his normal work was done.

Now in grade 2 they are giving him more difficult work to do when he is done with classwork so that he won’t be bored. In grade 1 a government inspector asked him what Maths they do in class and he casually answered “we don’t do Maths, we play” not knowing that counting up to ten is considered Maths. He has so much respect for teacher Sharne Bresler, Maryna Bijker and Quinette Britz. They don’t just teach the the Abacus Skill, the teach them discipline and pride.

All of the instructors have so much patience and love for the children and the work. It is just incredible to watch. They have become like family. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Arno with the help from these angels disguised as Abacus Maths instructors. #mathscomefirst #makingyourchildcount.

Anneline de Beer

Abacus Parent

Firstly I would like to comment on how Tebogo’s level of understanding calculations has improved. Abacus equips the children to be independent and they are able to solve calculations on their own.

It has helped reveal the potential and capabilities which I would not have expected from a 6 year old. I never imagined that at this age she would already be solving double-digit equations.

The colourful books make work exciting because of the puzzles, suduko, mazes and drawings that are incorporated among the sums. These stimulate the mind even more.
Tebogo has taught me a few things, as I would sometimes not know how to use the Abacus to get an answer.

Nomfundo Booth

Abacus Parent, Horizon View Primary

Hiermee net ‘n kort briefie om vir jou en jou span BAIE DANKIE te sê vir die afgelope twee jaar se Abakus onderrig wat julle vir my meisiekind gee. Ek waardeer die professionele maar ook intensiewe onderrig wat die span vir elke kind aanbied sodat elkeen ‘n gelyke kans kan kry om te kan presteer!

Adeline is werklik bo-gemiddeld wat haar akademie aanbetref. Toe sy egter na die eerste week in Graad 3 in trane by die huis kom oor ‘n Wiskunde toets wat hulle binne ‘n paar minute moes doen was ek baie bekommerd. Ek het begin rondvra vir iemand wat ekstra Wiskunde klasse aanbied en ‘n verwysing vanaf die skool vir Abakus gekry.

Ek was eers skepties oor die manier waarop Abakus aangebied word maar het gou agtergekom dat my kind elke oomblik geniet. Sy het alreeds baie ver gevorder en sien elke week uit na die les! Sy doen tans op 11 jarige ouderdom Wiskunde- berekeninge wat vir my as ouer onmoontlik is om te doen! Haar konsentrasie vermoë het geweldig verbeter en sy leer baie vinniger!

Vandag kan ek regtig met die grootste vrymoedigheid sê dat al ons Wiskunde probleme iets van die verlede is. Adeline het verlede jaar ‘n balkie ontvang vir Ereklere in Akademie en sy presteer nogsteeds bo-gemiddeld in elke toets – haar gemiddeld vir Wiskunde is tans oor die 90%.

Ilse Cronje

Abakus Ouer

I’m Zanele Hlatshwayo ,Lwazi Hlatshwayo`s mother who attends school at Horizonview Primary school. Lwazi started Abacus Maths in her grade R year.

Abacus Maths has help my daughter to be able to know and understand the numbers at an early age and it has improved her thinking skills . Now that she is in grade 1 , I only help her with reading and writing. In the first term school report she excelled in Maths . I’m very happy with Abacus as I only need to check and sign her Maths homework because she does it on her own.

Zanele Hlatshwayo

Abacus Parent

Hierdie briefie is net om dankie te sê vir die ongelooflike groei wat ek in Gerhard sien. Hy het in Graad R met Abacus Maths begin en van die begin af was hy gek daaroor. Die sogenaamde “fun” bladsye bly sy gunstelinge, en ‘n groot aanmoediging om gou-gou huiswerk klaar te maak om dan ‘n doolhof aan te pak. Ek is so bly dat hy reeds in Graad R met Abakus begin het, want dit het die wiskundige begrippe van die begin af gevestig.

Ek kan sien dat hy verstaan wat hy doen in Graad 1, en dit is verblydend. Quinette, dankie vir die ekstra myl wat jy meer as een keer geloop het om ‘n telefoonoproep na ure te neem, om gou vir my iets te verduidelik dat ons die huiswerk kon aanpak. Ek sal Abacus Maths met ‘n oop gemoed vir enige iemand aanbeveel!


Abakus Ouer