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The AMSASA championship is a prestigious event which is held annually in Gauteng.
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Whether the genius you wish to unlock is that of your child, a family member, a friend, or even your own, you have come to the right place.

You see, we know that genius has nothing to do with innate ability, which the world places so much emphasis on. It has to do with using the correct levers in the brain, to stimulate the genius and unleash it on the world.

Abacus Maths was born out of the frustration of two teachers, who saw the massive and undeveloped potential of the kids they were teaching – yet they did not have the skills to draw this out of these kids, even though they themselves had studied for numerous degrees at university.

But as they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. By a combination of fortuitousness and serendipity, these two teachers once again became the students, as they learnt the ancient secrets of the mysterious abacus. Their eyes were unveiled as they gasped in awe and said, “This is so simple – and yet it is brilliant.” And like most things in life, within the complex question lies the humble answer.

Even though we are Abacus Maths, we are thrilled to tell you that the abacus is about so much more than improving your Maths ability. By inculcating the discipline to orderly approach an ostensibly overwhelming problem, and breaking it down into uncomplicated steps, you learn the skill of engaging your higher brain functions, from spelling and grammar, to language, to the ability to improve memory and concentration, and more.

Welcome to our website. Let us take you on your journey to genius.

Abacus Maths Branches in South Africa and Namibia

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3 days ago
Photos from Abacus Maths's post

Or pride and joy❣
Japan 2019❣❣❣🇯🇵⛩

3 days ago
Photos from Abacus Maths's post

So proud of our Abacus Maths team- ISDF 2019

Upgrades as follows:
Kefioe Kgoadi: Abacus: 5th kyu Anzan: 4th kyu
Letabo Kgoadi:
Abacus: 4th kyu Anzan: 3th kyu
Lwazi Thunzini:
Abacus: 5th kyu Anzan: ... See more

3 days ago

Flying back from Japan with our 2019 ISDF camp students today❣
Looking forward to see our families😍😍😍❣